Durham Municipal ElectionElection 2017

Building on leadership for an Equitable Durham


In the words of Angela Davis, I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I’m changing the things I cannot accept.

Building on the struggles of the women and people of color before me, it is clear that the time is now for a collective movement for liberation and justice. We the people have a shared struggle of the 99%. The resistance is building up the strength of each voice in our community.

  • We need leadership focused on social, economic, and environmental justice.
  • We need leadership that supports neighborhoods and community partnership.
  • We need leadership that will support, protect, value and preserve Black life along with the lives of others.
  • We need leadership that understands the cost of implicit bias and fights for solutions with equity for all in mind. 

I am a leader who works to end injustice, who understands collective impact and that organizing together we can make great things happen for all of Durham not just some of Durham.

 I believe the expressions of racism in our society are the bookends of oppression in the lives of all, not just people of color that experience the injustices, but people not of color that benefit from the injustices done on their behalf. Please join the movement, plug into the process with me and support my candidacy as the next representative on the Durham City Council from Ward 1.

 As a resident in the historic Golden Belt neighborhood and a representative from Northeast Central Durham, in the greater community I have a spent the last 10 years organizing around the issues that matter in our community.

  • Supporting children’s health and academic success with East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI),
  • Addressing the environmental hazards that impact our community with the Partnership Effort for the Advancement of Children’s Health (PEACH)
  • Creating opportunities for people to improve their lives by living in homes that are affordable, and strengthening our communities with Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT), 
  • Organizing active, healthy, collectively sustainable community initiatives that increase economic development and growth for all of my neighbors, not just some, with Durham Equitable Economic Partnerships (DEEP).

As a City Council member from Ward 1, I would continue to support the issues that matter to our community and the city as a whole. What happens in Southside, Westend, Walltown, Braggtown, Northern Durham, Hope Valley, Southpoint, Trinity Park, Watts Hospital, Duke Forest, all neighborhoods across our city, impacts what happens in Northeast.

I am DeDreana Freeman, a resident of Northeast Central Durham, and I am asking for your support in representing the great City of Durham in the 2017 Durham Municipal Election.


Thank you,
DeDreana Freeman